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This is a rider's machine, not an all-orig showpiece or polished up show bike. The rider liked to go fast on country roads. The Matchless forks were fine, and (interestingly) worked better the more you pounded on them! But the front brake was not very good, and the wheel weighed a lot, so it got a Roadholder front end...and a Norton disc brake!
Picture of P-11 custom 2:1 exhaust Then the rider, not liking pipes that drag on the ground in turns, got out his hacksaw and welding torch, reset the standard exhaust pipes slightly to tuck them under the center of the frame, and ran them into an aftermarket 2 into 1 collector and megaphone intended for a Honda 350.

This photo shows the outstanding right side ground clearance of the P-11. When these get too loose and go sliding down the road, the first thing that grounds out is the bottom of the foot peg, followed by the end of the handlebar, the rear axle, and eventually the megaphone (when it is lying on its side).

The Roadholder forks went through several attempts before getting something rideable; curious?

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