Redline BSA Tracker          
   Photos courtesy of Mark Stuckert, text by Tom Davenport

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Special Thanks go to Mark for providing a photographic update on a bike that got started in our shop... some time back.

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Our original article several years ago was called Redline BSA "Street Bike", because it was put together as a sort of marginal street bike by yours truly. Here it is in it's current form.

This bike has come a long way since then, having gone to Alaska for some years where it was run on 1/3 and 1/2 mile tracks. It's most recent excursion was a debut on the One Mile track at Del Mar this year for both bike and rider, where Mark finished 5th in the Veteran's Class. Nowadays based out of the warmer climates of Arizona, he reports that the original 650cc engine we built back in around '74 or so survived over 50 race meets without a substantial freshen up. Last winter, it got one.

The engine is still in need of a stroker crank to get displacement up to 750cc. We had thought that the ultra close transmission ratios were a mistake, but Mark likes them and it is still in use.

The bike now sports an ARD magneto and has a chopped off crankshaft (alternator portion of the shaft removed), allowing use of a narrower racing primary cover which gives better left side ground clearance... and looks cool.

It looks as if the same seat is on the bike.

The rear wheel is now a classic Kosman flat track spoked wheel with a spool in front. Goodyear track tires are run on both ends.

Although this example is a very quick steering half miler frame, Mark says it is great on the Del Mar Mile track.

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