Sonny's P-11

This modified P-11 is claimed to have over 35K miles on the motor, which was assembled in the early 1970's.  It is ridden on a weekly basis at the present time by owner-builder Ray 'Sonny' MacDonnell, a guy who literally rides the wheels off of some pretty fast machinery (see XR-Sportster for another example if this one doesn't get your attention). 

Modifications include Harley XR seat, Kosman oil tank.

Link to full screen version of the Right side Profile   73K jpeg

Modified P-11 of Ray MacDonnell

The generic UJM disk brake (probably Kawasaki Z-1) with drilled rotor, or a functional equivalent, exemplify necessary survival components for anyone who wants to ride one of these at a brisk pace and stand a good chance of doing it again next week  And in the right hands, they are still an effective tool to wax weenie riders in fancy leathers astride admittedly gorgeous and vastly faster sportbikes.

Though no show bike, this P-11 just keeps on doing its job and is fun to ride.

This bike is said to have 14:1 compression. It is geared tall enough that it's third gear runs about the same engine speed as the author's own  P-11, with standard gearing, runs in fourth!  In other words, it's geared enough taller than standard to amount to one more gear on the top.   And it does pull max R's in fourth......

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