Nortons at Sears Point Raceway Action in Turn Eleven

The leader here is wearing borrowed leathers and borrowed some gas to get to the track after he ran out on the way! Did it again on the way home! Don't chuckle too much, this guy also kept a Lola T-70 for a pet and was a real 'go faster'. His mount is a 1969 Commando "S" with a Dunstall dual disc front brake (worked surprisingly well), fuel tank and seat hung on it. Those who tried unsuccessfuly to keep up with him and this bike on country roads included a current AFM Number One Plate holder!

Even though this bike was ridden constantly for back road recreation and never had racing tires, it always acquitted itself well on the track with no DNF's. That wasn't allowed: He had to ride it home!

Engine and cylinder head work was done by the Phantom Oiler Publisher.

The second Norton is a '73 with "S" pipes; they were the only ones that would stay off the ground in Prod racing.

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