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This picture features your humble correspondent flying the CCM, a 1973 "Short 5". CCM were essentially a development of the BSA B50MX, built by Alan Clews in fairly small quantities, between 1972 and 1983. The "Short 5" features an 88x82 bore-stroke (as opposed to the standard 79x90). This particular example was imported by CCM for the 1973 Trans-AMA Series (although I understand that it was more of a spare bike than anything else).

Later CCMs featured long travel suspension, engine capacities all the way out to 608cc and even 4-valve heads. They also made trials mounts, based on B25 and B44 components, after the B50 stuff started to run out. (In 1972, Clews had bought out the stock of BSA's Competition Shop and, in 1976, he bought all of the unit singles stock from NVT's receiver).
These three pictures were shot by Leon Goldik, at the 1997 Ormstown Rally, put on by the Montreal Section of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group. 1997 was the first year that we featured a vintage scrambles exhibition, complementing our two-day vintage trials event.

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The picture at Left shows #41c, David Tucker, who regularly competes in AHRMA vintage moto-cross events. The other two riders are probably Steve Tucker and Marc Cornut, also AHRMA regulars.

The mounts are all three B44 motors in modified '71-style oilbearing frames.  The picture on the right again shows   David Tucker, 41c; the other riders are Marc Cornut, in the BSA sweater, and yours truly there in the background. These two pix I found interesting because of the speed and the dirt! Pretty impressive illusion, given that the course was a short, tight, little grass track. Still, riding these bikes is a blast, both for the riders and for the spectators. The noise they make, with their little reverse cone megaphones, or straight pipes, depending upon the builder, is quite impressive!    Link to more of Costa's Dirty Bike Pics

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