Phantom FAQ Photos and Articles for Publication

The editors of Phantom Oiler are interested to see any article which you feel is appropriate for the publication.  Please send text by email to:

Photo prints can be scanned by us; if you want them back, send SASE.  Mailing address:

Phantom Oiler
c/o Tom Davenport
PO Box 10
Redwood Valley, CA 95470

If you have a photo which you do not wish to mail to us, it can be scanned at 300dpi and emailed, with prior notification, preferably as a .tif file, .bmp file, or (best of all) PhotoShop .psd file.  Photo prints or Digital images can also be mailed on floppy disk or zip cart to the above address; include a SASE if you want the media returned.

JPEG (.jpg) files should NOT be used unless there is no other choice (i.e. it is the only available  output format of most inexpensive digital cameras) as the image quality unavoidably degrades when this type file is manipulated to alter display size and resolution.


Photo Tips-- These are what work for us:

  • Place the motorcycle in front of a neutral, uncluttered background.  Closed garage doors and wooden fences work well and are often convenient.  A sheet or dark blanket, choosing the one opposite of your bike's color range, can provide this if you're shooting inside a basement or garage.  
  • Put a block under the sidestand so the bike is vertical.
  • Make sure the light source is predominently or at least equally on the front side of the bike.
  • Position camera so the point of view is level with the mid point of the motorcycle; Don't "shoot down" at an angle unless that's the picture desired.
  • Include a right and left profile shot; additional angles of left and right front quarter views, full front and full rear also help give an accurate impression of the machine's appearance.  Detail shots of interesting features are good also.
  • Framing the motorcycle carefully in the picture with a bit of space at top, bottom and both ends helps keep the picture from feeling crowded;  it also ensures you won't lose content when the prints are made at the 1 Hour Photoshop:  Their negative carriers often crop some of the content from the top and bottom of 35mm negatives!
  • Outdoor backgrounds can be nice, but choose with a bit of care so they don't dominate or distract from the photographic subject.   The color range and light levels of the background should not distract or detract from the subject.  Try to see what the picture will look like, including the background, while composing it. 
  • People in the Picture probably earns placement in the "Rogues Gallery" unless celebreties or very pretty. 
  • Images used on Phantom Oiler are agreed to be not for use on other websites.
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