Mad Max Award, All British Ride November 4, 2000

Click to view 26K full screen image Click to view 26K full screen imageSomebody help us out on this, we are sort of wondering what exactly a Mad Max award is.

We suspect it reflects BSAOC main man Don Danmeier's sense of humor, but since it was awarded to the rider without specific reference to the bike, it makes ya wonder.

We thank the judges for the nice plack and notorious appelation on it.

Here's a few pictures of the bike, not pretty, but very effective. All the thumbnails click through to full screen, fast loading images if you want to take a closer look.

Front wheel has a 2.5x18" Sun rim on Honda hub with Kosman 13" full floating rotor. Standard rotor is shown above for comparison. Caliper is Lockheed light alloy. Handlebar master is 11mm piston Honda. Front forks are Honda CR motocross, with a stout fork brace. Tires are IRC GP110 4.60 18 on both ends, which makes for a quick steering front end but excellent traction.

Rear shocks are 1.35" Fox upside down gas shocks.

Right now the bike has Keihin road race carbs on it, visible in the top left photo when viewed full screen..


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