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This was once a GP bike, but when they became totally uncompetitive and didn't yet have dinosaur events to run in, some were put out to pasture as exotic street bikes. It differs from cafe racers of the time in that it is a racer with minimal street equipment rather that a sheep in wolf's clothing.

We couldn't have even imagined something like a Suzuki GSXR in those days, nor could we have believed something of the sort could or would ever be sold to the public and street legal!

The rolling chassis of this machine was a Manx Norton, thought to be approximately 1956 vintage; it has unknown provenance. When the bike acquired the Norton 750 twin engine, it already had a highly modified pre-unit Triumph 650 twin installed.

Original Manx parts which can be seen here include the rear brake pedal, seat and "Elektron" Magnesium alloy hubbed rear wheel and brake, front fork triple clamps, and not much else. The primary chaincase is from a P-11 Norton. Front fork internal damping units from the Manx were retained, however as shown the bike has Norton Commando front fork stanchion tubes (considerably longer than Manx) and Commando internal fork springs; front brake is a 180mm Fontana, with hub, brake plates and shoes of magnesiuim alloy. It is a 4 leading shoe and a one-off balance beam, to equalize cable pull on both sides, can be seen above the headlamp. Short Ceriani headlamp ears were in place here, aiming the headlamp skyward.

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