Bodacious:    Triumph TT Special

Photo of the Terror of Tunnel Road TT SpecialThis exemplary speciman is the work of owner builder Mel Ray Nottage, aka The Terror of Tunnel Road. LLLink to next picture.

He has had this machine for some time. His slightly edited description follows. Please note this bike has spent many years of its checkered existence stored in various barns and garages in states of disrepair and disassembly from which you would not expect it to reappear as a beautiful, running, fun to ride motorcycle.

Links to Basket Case and Casket Case pics, showing the poor condition this bike has returned from.

"1963 Triumph T120C (this first year TT Spl was not designated as such by the Brits, and was a "built for JOMO" model that shipped with 11:1 pistons, 1 3/16" Amals and YES- ET ignition.

The bike had '65 style TT pipes when Mel got it in 1967, "along with the original forks that were very clapped out from its 4 years of racing, jumping and who knows what."

The current equipment includes a Showa 39mm fork (~ 5" travel at present) including a very stout standard issue fork brace, with Metisse front fender and brake hanger fabricated by Mr. Mel mounting a Nissen caliper (did he really do that?) "various stockish mid 60s Bonnie parts, such as the seat and fuel tank, and my all-time favorite Triumph tank badges." 

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