Phantom's Mystery Moto Photo
OK, gang, who knows the mystery moto in the photo?
Clues and Disinformation:
This motor powered its rider to an AFM 500 GP championship;  but not recently!  Three of them were once owned by Albert Gunter. They all had the same engine i.d. number!  It corresponded to a production engine type of the time, which was similar in appearance.  The AMA rules for racing under what was known as "Class C " then in effect required the same engine to be used in heats and mains which you qualified with; if you scattered one it was a disaster.  Class C was also a set of rules based on production motorcycles, or at least their engines.   It would seem that someone had the idea that these motors, which were once used in GP racing on the Continent and quite a bit in various English clubman events, might be a "secret weapon".   They were so slow probably no-one over here cared.   But they sure were good-lookin. 
The magneto timing gear, furthest left in the photo, has a vernier timing adjustment.  

Any of you that ever set the Magneto timing on a pre-unit Triumph or Notrun Atlast would have liked one! 

  Who knows the Phantom Oiler's Mystery Motor? 
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