Phantom Oiler Rogues Gallery

  • English Sprinting stalwart Bob Cornforth models Rolly Free custom summer racing suit
  • AHRMA racer-builder-owner and Defender of The True Faith  Gary Slabaugh
  • Costa Zarifi grass trackin' on '73 CCM
  • Gold Star rider Rod Todd denizen of the Thumper List, still rides big singles.
  • Mister MelRay and The Queen of the Mall, riding "Bodacious"
  • Phamous Phaces:  Guess who?  Clues in the fine print.
  • Two-time Big Dog Run veteran Keith Sides:  Vincent rider on a Hobby Horse?  With a Popsicle??
  • Gold Star Ron Halem with... uh, what kinda bikes is that??

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