Phantom Oiler Presents:

Son of P-11

aka World's Straightest Commando 

This is a rare bike, not because it is a '71 Commando, but because it has been substantially improved by its long-time present owner over the course of quite a few years. Purchased by Stevan Thomas from builder Tom Davenport in the Seventies, looking pretty much as it does today (same paint, exhaust system style, seat, Barnes rear disk brake), this unique bike has had more attention paid to chassis setup than any in the world. Not hyperbole.

If you're curious how we can make such a grandiose claim, have a look at the long Tech article by Stevan Thomas, detailing the process one step at a time. It is accompanied by several photos of the frame on the Granite Table at Ken Augustine's shop in San Rafael California, Kinetic Analysis.

Being one of a very small number of people who have ridden this bike both before and after "the treatment", as well as literally hundreds of other Commandos, we have to comment it isn't an exageration and it was worth the trouble.

We hope to provide a better photo scan some time; our Photoshop skills have improved since this feature first appeared a couple years ago.

Click here for detail shots

Link to World's Straightest Commando Tech Article

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