Weslake/Triumph Engine Photos Courtesy of Bob Cornforth

The Weslake/Triumph Triton 'street bike' campaigned at English Sprints by Bob Cornforth has about as highly modified a pre-unit Triumph engine as we're likely to run across-- anywhere!  Bob knew we were interested to see what was hiding behind the fairing of this superbly turned out bike, already featured among Bob's gallery of sprint bike pics, and he has kindly forwarded some digital photos of the engine. 

850cc with Weslake 8 valve top end on Triumph pre-unit cases. Omega flat top pistons. Tuftrided Bonneville crank/ Morgo rods and oil pump. NRE full race cams, lightened valve gear. Fuelled by two 34mm Amal MkII carbs.   Ignition by Boyer Microdigital system in PUMA timing cover

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