Velvet2.JPG (25154 bytes) Triumph 1974 T150V

"Found it mostly complete, but not runing. Bent front end and in seedy shape.

Black Diamond valves, RD Racing valve springs & retainers, Megacycle 1100 cam, mushroom tappets, all new crank bearings, new Rita, handmade harness, 4 fused circuits, Yam switchgear, Tympanium. Unity Equipe petrol tanque % rearsets.., mystery headers, Suz GS1100 front end, JC Whitney fairing, 27mm Mikunis. 73 aircleaner. New Hepolites. Savage built Unissued Lend Lease .303 Enfield fitted with old B&L scope

It needs a bumstop seat. I'm still fiddling the 'bars. REAL HAPPY with it.....Next year: headwork, crank/clutch balancing...
Photos of the Velvet Engineering V3, aka "Lasher" courtesy of builder Nick Velvet,
Big version of above pic, click here  99k Right front quarter view, click here 33k Right rear quarter view, click here 38k
*The Phantom suggests viewers take note that neither Englishmen nor their Commonwealth brothers are any longer trusted or allowed by their governments to own one of these.
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