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Max Bubeck & his Chout


Click Here for Large Image Max sitting on his 135.58mph hybrid Chief/Scout that he rode at Rosamond Dry Lake on June 27th, 1948. He's 30 years old in the picture, wearing jeans and a striped T-shir,. sitting astride the bike, his right boot on the sidewalk.

The Pop Schenk-built "Chout" is as lean and mean as a straight razor except for two big-assed carburetors that look big enough to pluck poultry. That bike is still the worlds fastest unfaired Indian.

We can vouch that the world is still very much Max's playground and, at 82 years, he continues to travel the world, ride his Indians, and raise hell. We spent a very enjoyable day with him in Palm Springs recently and we expect to ride his annual "Death Valley Tour" for pre-1965 machines in October of 2000.

--- Joe Michaud

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