That Cat Came Back... 19 years later!

Photography: Joe Michaud

Dom_L._detail_S.JPG (21580 bytes)
This is it, guys, the Publisher's own vintage Oiler, back after a long absence.  A project begun in 1968, the bike has been pretty much in the trim shown here since 1979, which was the last time until  October, 1998 that the publisher/former owner/builder saw it.

Now it's back, with a 'slightly' blown up motor (dropped half a cam follower pad, jammed the cam & bent a valve slightly) and needing another set of custom fab'd high pipes.  To see detailed info, check the following pages.

Link to Inside the Timing Cover:  Vernier Magneto & Cam sprockets, Quick Change bush
Link to Full sized image, same picture but you can see the details a lot better  62K jpg
Link to Full sized image, complete left profile  43K jpg
Link to Full sized image, complete right profile  45K jpg
Link to Full sized image, Kehin CR carburetor detail  58K jpg
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